Solid Strategies
We work with you to determine the what and the how, but we do not leave you hanging. We build a roadmap that guides you along the path every step of the way so that you are on your A-game today and twenty years from today.
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We deliver value week after week, continually moving towards a beautiful, viable product. Measurable. Definable. Actionable. With you involved, we hit on your marks and you see it happen directly.
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Digital Experience
User experience (UX) is thrown around a LOT by a LOT of people ... digital experience is a deep, on-going study of UX and design ... not just pixels and clicks, it's more than that. It's solutions to problems ... a structured approach to solving problems and creating high-end user experiences.
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Whether we are diving into your project at the outset or in the midst of a struggling launch, our team will help transform your users or doubters into adopters and avid supporters.
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Technology, Here.

There’s something to be said about growing up in a small community. Hard work, hospitality, and heritage are rooted in your very nature. Every year, many young people find it is not possible to stay and shape their future in the community they grew up in, but particularly those desiring a career in technology. Most of these young people expected to have to leave their family and community for the opportunity to find attractive tech jobs, taking the future of their commitment to their community with them.

SALT is an initiative backed by people with years spent uncovering and executing industry-disrupting opportunities at lightning speeds with a focus on enhancing local and regional businesses to compete in the market by leveraging our experts, our developing-apprentices, and our youngest of interns to bring innovations to those places that need our help most, here at home.


About SALT

Founded in 2020, SALT is an innovative technology-focused organization partnering with industry and academia to bring bleeding edge technology ideas to market. Our founders envision a fully engaged company that transforms its clients digitally as well as its community practically.

Our mission is to harness the creativity and ingenuity of our region to empower an engine of technological impact to last our community for generations.